Giving everybody access to Digital, Digital Transformation, Innovation and new Technologies

#bethechange – The chance for Entrepreneurs in the Digital Transformation

One of my pure passion projects began mid 2017 when I realized that there is no business relevant source for easy to understand and actionable content around one of the most important topics of our new business world. Digitization, digital Transformation, Innovation, Blockchain, IoT, Design Thinking and many more words are used each and every day but nobody really explained it in a easy way or also in a way so people could start using this technological revolutions.

This led to the creation of MoreThanDigital and the platform to connect knowledge from experts with the real-life businesses to help them prepare for their own future.

Now as the biggest digital initiative in the German speaking countries, there will be a strong focus on helping the businesses and society to be prepared for the changed world of digitalization, Innovation and new technologies. And mid of 2018 I decided to focus my efforts on developing MoreThanDigital, help governments in understanding the implications of this change but also advise organization on how to be more impactful.

With the #bethechange movement we created a movement where companies, organizations, states and also individuals get together to make a difference and to help our society and our business world to prepare for these changes. Each and everyone can be part of #bethechange if they are willing to share their knowledge, to support businesses and to take a leading role in explaining digitization, innovation, digital transformation, new culture, new business models and many more topics for each an everybody.

Giving Access to Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation for every company around the world. This is the goal for MoreThanDigital
Preparing Comanies and Society for the Future
Innovation and preparing entrepreneurs for the future of their business. One of the main goals of MoreThanDigital
Sharing Knowledge with Everybody who needs it
MoreThanDigital is build on sharing knowledge. Every expert shares his expertise with others in an easy to understand way.

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