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My fields of expertise

My whole life was built around questioning the status quo and thinking about better solutions. As an entrepreneur since the age of 13, I constantly thought about changing the world each and every day in a small way.

Soon I found myself in various projects around the world and being confronted with new tasks every day. After 13 start-ups, from which I am proud to say that most of them are still active or still in the funding process, I am using my skills and experiences to help corporates as a consultant, governments as an advisor, students as a professor and audiences around the world as a keynote speaker to understand the new world and the digital transformation as a whole. This also lead to the creation of MoreThanDigital as biggest digital European Initiative on Innovation and Digitization to give everybody access to this knowledge.

As an expert I was also able to publish my work on digital transformation and successful digital change management together with Roland Sullivan to help more companies adapt to the new world and to also lead in the research field around actionable frameworks which are adaptable enough to actually be used in every day digital transformation projects.