Platforms and Content – The business model of the 21th century

Platforms and Content – The business model of the 21th century

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We have seen a surge in “attention economomy” developments in the last couple of years. Just a recent case was, that Amazon was buying the broadcasting rights for the UEFA Championship or Disney expanding with their own content platform. With a surge in multimedia outlets and just a limited time customers can consume, there is a new economy evolving – Attention Platforms.

In the original article I talked about several reasons why this is important, but I try to highlight here some of the most important ones

  • Content is commodity – So grabbing the attention is key to win new prospects
  • Get the Vision right – Its important to see this attention economy also about a bigger vision and a bigger ecosystem then just publishing content
  • Its not about Marketing – Very important part of this is the step to “no marketing” approach. This enables the business to grow a community and use this community in a different approach
  • Its a Marathon, not a sprint – Attention economy is build around a marathon thinking rather than a sprint thinking. You need to deliver constantly high quality to get the attention of your audience
  • Partners are key – We saw that in many ways but the networks are getting more and more traction – So businesses need to carefully select the right partners and work together to form strong platforms and digital ecosystems
  • Prepare to fail – As mentioned above, there is a huge surge in platforms and content all over the places. And not everyone will survive. Prepare to fail and have also an idea what plan B, C … will be
  • Have fun – Your audience needs to know that you are doing it with passion and you are also having fun. This is a crucial part of building your brand, your community and also your audience

And not to mention – START NOW

Digital Business Models are built around fast moving and fast decision making. Most companies wait too long and then they just missed the opportunity to build their own community or they missed out to build a meaningful platform.

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