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Sometimes companies and state governments need independent experts from the science or economy to help them in their daily task. As a strong link between economy and also science I am on a regular basis involved in a lot of topics on digital transformation of businesses and society. This leads to my position as a neutral advisor with a strong focus on actionable and easy to start solutions.

Especially when looking at topics of the future (Futurist), I am mostly concerned about how to prepare everybody for the future but still make it easy enough so everyone can start immediately. This is my task as advisor and so my role also changes depending on the company or public organization I am supporting.

As an advisor to companies I am giving a glimpse into the present and the future. This helps companies to prepare for their upcoming challenges and adapt to current trends and megatrends. With my years of entrepreneurial and also consulting knowledge I then support in the process of the change and also in the definition of the goals.

As an advisor to public organizations and governments, I am giving insights on how our society is changing. There is especially the focus of advising decision makers in delivering better solutions for businesses or the society as a whole. But not only this, also public institutions and governments need to adapt themselves for the future and to evolving technologies.

You need support from a neutral expert?