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I was happy to support so many journalists, PR consultants and also media outlets with important knowledge and insights. All these interviews were around methods to transform, society impacts of the digital world and also how businesses and whole ecosystems are changing due to new technologies.

Sharing this knowledge and also giving other people the possibility to act and react on the ever-changing digital world is my vision and so I dedicate a substantial time as keynote speaker, futurist and also public ambassador for innovation, future and digitization.

Interviews in person
If you are considering a personal interview for TV, Radio or also for writing a transcript. Please call me directly to arrange according to timelines and needs. Especially such interview formats can be arranged on short notice and I am happy to support you there.
Appearances on Radio & TV
As an experienced keynote speaker and public speaker, I am more than happy also to speak in TV and Radio and discuss about questions on innovation, state of the industry, new technology and all topics around digitization incl. how to successfully transform (please refer to “Research and Publications”)
Written Interviews
For interviews in written, please contact me or my team via E-Mail with the details on what the scope of the written interview is, how long it should be, timelines and much more. I am more than happy to help with a written interview. Please also note that proof-reading and text editing must be done by you.

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For media inquiry, please contact direclty  the PR department of