Benjamin Talin - Backstage Selfie - International Keynote Speaker in Stuttgart Germany at Start-Up Conference New.NewFestival

Never Stop Challenging the Status Quo

My whole life was built around challenging myself and the status quo of things. When I turned 13 and built my first company, I was dealing with every day IT and Marketing questions and just doing it faster and easier as the others. Later in my life I challenged companies, organizations and even governments on how to make things easier, better or simply just more efficient. With my passion and interest in technology these experiences turned into cutting edge knowledge on digitization and digital transformation.

In the past years I developed this skill together with great customer projects, own start-ups and also interesting opportunities. This led to my companies, to my research and also to my broad background in digital transformation, change management and new business models.

If you want to find out more about me and my experiences, I can recommend reading about my expertise or also about my history.

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    Testimonials & Client Opinions

    Ben did a great job at digital excellence conference in Franfkurt infront of about 100 people. During the breakout session aboutbrand loyality in a digital work he combined interactive elementswith interviews and speach. A very refreshing and inspiringworkshop!

    Johanna Flohr

    Ben is pure energy and enthusiasm. His passion for the task at hand is fantastic to watch, and you know that whatever task is given to him will be handled in a great manner. I’ve had a chance to work with Ben for over two years while at Novo Nordisk and was impressed with his hard work and dedication to the job, while managing so many other responsibilities. It was a great pleasure to work with Ben–his energy, sense of humor, and interest in his colleagues and work made him a great co-worker.

    Manan Shah

    Ben truly is an expert in his field, a great speaker and passionate teacher of digital change! I worked with him in context of some client workshop, where I invited him to share his knowledge and expertise on the floor via a key not and discussion with clients who were seeking their grip on digital transformation. Not only was I impressed with his notes, but also with his overall very professional, flexible to needs and sharp deduction skills while discussing with the client. Our clients loved him, and he had a truly positive impact on their view of the world and next steps. Can highly recommend working with Ben and can’t wait for the next time I get the pleasure of doing so!

    Nadja von Rhein

    Despite his young age, Benjamin has already done and achieved more in his professional life than most people do in a lifetime. He’s a successful entrepreneur, head of a digital agency and still manages to add independent consulting services on top of that. He has as a solid understanding of many of the must cutting-edge digital topics, as well as the more typical areas of digital transformation such as digital marketing, social media and e-commerce. If you need someone to help you explore digital opportunities or deal with digital challenges, Benjamin is someone who efficiently and effectively can help you quickly move forward.

    Felix Eversen