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Serial Entrepreneur.

Investor into innovation, keynote speaker, government advisor for innovation

What is a serial entrepreneur?

A serial entrepreneur is a term that captures the essence of resilience, innovation and continuous learning in the business world. It refers to individuals who have launched multiple ventures, experiencing both the highs of success and the lows of failure. This journey isn’t just about creating businesses; it’s a transformative experience that shapes a unique skill set and perspective. Serial entrepreneurs accumulate a wealth of knowledge with each venture, refining strategies and discovering winning formulas that contribute to their growth. Their journey is often characterised by a passion for disruption, a drive to shape the future and an ability to apply their accumulated insights across contexts. The path of a serial entrepreneur can be seen as one of relentless pursuit, learning and adaptation. It is a rich source of invaluable experience and lessons.

What is is the impact of a good entrepreneur?

A good entrepreneur’s impact extends far beyond their own company. Their ideas and technology often disrupt established markets. Serial entrepreneurs contribute to the economy by creating jobs, fostering a culture of innovation and inspiring others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams through their successes and failures. Their journey enriches the entire ecosystem as they share their experiences and mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs. Moreover, their ability to navigate uncertainty and adapt to change sets a precedent for resilience and agility in business. A good entrepreneur doesn’t just build businesses, they build opportunities for growth, learning and progress within their communities and sectors, making a lasting impact on the business and innovation landscape.

What makes a good entrepreneur?

A good entrepreneur embodies the spirit of bringing ideas to life, fuelled by an unwavering passion and the courage to pursue what others might consider impossible. It’s about harnessing enough belief in a vision to work against the odds, demonstrating resilience in the face of challenge and an unmatched ability to get things done. The entrepreneur’s journey is marked by battles on two fronts: against external scepticism and internal doubt, making it one of the most intense roles one can take on. The bigger the vision, the harder the road to realisation, requiring ever greater levels of commitment.

This ethos of entrepreneurship – its trials, triumphs and transformative power – is what I try to convey in my keynotes. When advising governments, my focus is often on supporting entrepreneurs, recognising them as critical drivers of economic vitality and innovation. The future is not a fixed destination, but a landscape to be actively shaped, and entrepreneurs play a central role in shaping that future. Their journeys, marked by tenacity, innovation and a relentless pursuit of improvement, not only redefine industries but also contribute to societal progress and economic development.

“Entrepreneurs build the future – so let’s build a better one.

What makes me different as an entrepreneur?

What sets me apart as an entrepreneur is my unwavering enthusiasm for challenging the status quo and demonstrating that there are many ways to innovate and improve on “the way things have always been done”. My fascination with complex systems and dynamics fuels my passion for digital ecosystems, digital platforms, platform business models and disruptive innovations that are often considered futuristic.

But perhaps what really sets me apart is the breadth of my experience. Having been involved in numerous startups (and many failures), I’ve been fortunate to gain a diverse range of experiences, learning quickly from each venture. This, combined with a strong focus on execution and turning ideas into reality, defines my unique approach to entrepreneurship.

It’s not just about having ideas, it’s about relentlessly striving to make them happen, navigating complexity and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

My unique entrepreneurship style

What sets my expertise apart from others

As an entrepreneur, my journey has been marked by a blend of passion, vision and determination. What sets me apart is not only my love of tackling complex challenges, but also my deep-seated desire to make a meaningful impact on the world.

With a goal as ambitious as changing 1% of the world, my entrepreneurial endeavours are driven by a commitment to innovation and transformation.

Perhaps my unique approach to entrepreneurship – from a fascination with complex systems and a visionary mindset to a relentless focus on bringing disruptive ideas to life – has brought me to where I am today.


Green economy and green economic transition understanding from a futurist


Fueled by the goal to change 1% of the world, my entrepreneurial journey is defined by a commitment to making a significant impact and driving transformative change.

Investor into innovation, keynote speaker, government advisor for innovation

Complex Systems Innovator

My passion for complex systems drives my success in developing digital ecosystems and platforms, showcasing an ability to navigate and innovate within intricate business landscapes.

Artificial Intelligence keynotes, futurist, entrepreneur and government advisor

Visionary Mindset

With a visionary mindset, I continuously explore the boundaries of what’s possible, aiming to foresee and shape the future of technology and business.

Determined Executor

My entrepreneurial spirit is characterized by a relentless focus on execution, turning visionary ideas into tangible realities through perseverance and a dynamic approach to challenges.

What are my topics as entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur, my areas of focus are deeply intertwined with technological advances and their transformative impact across multiple sectors. The great thing is that being an entrepreneur makes me a better futurist and government advisor, but also makes me a better entrepreneur because I see so many insights from both. But my interests range from using technology to redefine business operations and educational accessibility, to exploring how we interact with technology and its role in shaping entire industries.

Business model innovation, particularly in the development and application of complex systems such as digital ecosystems and platforms, is a key area of my expertise. This specialisation has positioned me as one of the leading minds in the field. It has earned me recognition as one of the world’s top 100 entrepreneurs by CogX and as one of the most inspiring CEOs of 2023.

My work is driven by a commitment to value creation. I believe this principle is fundamental to positive change and innovation. This focus on value creation is not just about generating economic returns, but about driving progress that benefits society and industries as a whole. My goal as an entrepreneur is to push the boundaries of what’s possible and leave a lasting impact on the world through innovation and strategic foresight, whether it’s pioneering new business models or integrating cutting-edge technologies into traditional sectors.

More about my topics and expertise.

Innovative Business Models

My work involves pioneering new business models, especially focusing on the power of digital ecosystems and platforms to disrupt traditional markets and create new value propositions.


Value Creation and Impact

I emphasize radical value creation as the core of entrepreneurship, showing how focusing on meaningful impact can lead to significant, positive changes in any industry.


Digital Ecosystems and Platforms

As a recognized leader in digital ecosystems and platforms, I explore their complexity, their role in modern business strategies, and their potential to redefine industry standards worldwide.


Education and Technology

I address the transformation of the education sector through technology, advocating for accessible, innovative learning solutions that cater to the needs of a digital-first generation.


Industry Disruption and Innovation

My entrepreneurial journey showcases my commitment to disrupting established industries through innovative use of technology, reshaping market dynamics and consumer expectations.


Creating Positive Change

I highlight the entrepreneur’s role in driving societal and economic advancement, underscoring the importance of ambitious projects that aim to make a substantial difference in the world.







Entrepreneurial Leadership

Drawing from my experiences as one of the top entrepreneurs and CEOs, I share insights on leading ventures through uncertainty, fostering a culture of innovation, and driving sustained growth.




Harnessing Complex Systems

I specialize in understanding and leveraging complex systems for breakthrough innovation, particularly how digital ecosystems can be orchestrated to achieve unprecedented scalability and impact.

Sharing Knowledge &  Insights

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FAQs about me as an entrepreneur

Frequently Asked

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about my entrepreneurial journey, which will give you a clearer understanding of how I work and what you can expect when you invite me to work with you.

+ Can you share insights from your entrepreneurial journey?

Absolutely, I regularly share insights from my diverse entrepreneurial experiences, focusing on both the successes and the valuable lessons learned from failures, to inspire and guide new entrepreneurs. I do that in keynotes, meda interviews, podcasts, talkshows or any other format. 

+ Do you collaborate with companies to share your entrepreneurial expertise?

Yes, I work closely with companies of all sizes to share my expertise and help them navigate digital transformation, innovate and foster a culture of entrepreneurship within their organisations. However, I do not offer consulting, and due to time constraints, I am currently only considering board seats, keynotes, workshops, or some advisory sessions on an as-needed basis. Please contact me with your enquiry and I will see if I can accommodate your needs.

+ Are you open to discuss entrepreneurship and innovation in the media?

I actively engage with various media platforms to discuss topics related to entrepreneurship, innovation and the future of technology, aiming to reach a wider audience with my insights. I am very open to enquiries and have a set time each month for media, podcasts, guest articles and features. So get in touch and let me know where you need input or where I can help share something.

+ Have you written any books or articles on entrepreneurship?

I have contributed to hundreds of articles and publications, but have never had the time to complete my books. But I would rather share the condensed knowledge in my book than write my story, because a story needs to be told and I would rather work with visionary minds and create something together than just write about my past – let’s create the future together!

+ What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned as a serial entrepreneur?

The key lesson is the importance of resilience and adaptability. Sounds nice and catchy, but in the end you have to realise that it will be twice as expensive and three times as hard, and if you knew what you had to do to succeed, you would probably never get started. So the key to long-term success is to be prepared to pivot and to persevere through challenges.


What Others Say About Me

I have worked with many inspiring people, companies and institutions around the world and I am delighted to some some of their voices and see how they have experienced my influence as a keynote speaker, as a panelist, as an entrepreneur and also as a futurist.

Skander Haddar


I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Benjamin.”

Niki Skene


“Benjamin Talin like not a lot of people understood how exponential change will impact the political spiderwebs in our world. He is a dot-connector and fast thinker.”

Joël Charles Wuethrich