Making an impact wherever I can

What I do.
My Work.

Building Companies & Startups

My heart beats for innovation and challenging the status quo in shaping the future with my ventures or supporting others.

Advising Governments

I use my knowledge and experience to drive change in supporting governments and shaping policies.

Sharing Knowledge and Insights

Empowering others to understand and act on the future – as a keynote speaker, board member, futurist and other roles.

Making an Impact and #bethechange

My mission is and remains to make a difference in the world. My goal is to change 1% of the world for the better.

“I was lucky enough to be given many opportunities in life and I took advantage of them.”

My work is about making an impact

Many Jobs – One Mission

I wear many hats in my career, but they all have one common goal: to innovate, advise and inspire.

My work ranges from research and innovation, to serving on boards and committees, to advising governments. I travel the world to give keynotes and share the insights and experiences I have gained over the years.

But in between all these tasks, my main focus is on MoreThanDigital. This platform has become a global market leader and influences millions of people worldwide. 

For me, MoreThanDigital is not just a project, but a mission to revolutionize the way we share knowledge, access data and use business tools to make the future accessible to all.

MoreThanDigital is an example of my approach to solving complex, multi-layered problems. It demonstrates my ability to find solutions where others see only obstacles. This platform is proof of how I use newly developed technologies to achieve scalable impact.

Finally, with MoreThanDigital, I’m not just building a company, I’m changing the way we think about and interact with the future.

What I do in the economy

My Roles for Businesses & Think Tanks

Serial Founder & Innovator

I like to innovate, build things and challenge the status quo. That’s why I create my own companies and organizations.

Futurist & Future Advisor

A big part of my work is understanding technology and how it will affect our lives now and in the future. More

Bord of Advisors (BOA) Member

I guide and advise companies and organizations. My focus is on strategic decision-making, growth and innovation.

International Keynote Speaker

As a globally recognized keynote speaker, I share my experience and insights at events, in companies and in workshops. More

Board of Directors (BOD) Member

As a board member I serve to make companies better. I serve these boards with the focus on change and future readiness.


My goal is to not only provide capital but also mentorship and strategic guidance to help promising ventures and ideas thrive.

What I do for governments

My Roles for Government & Public Services

Government Advisor

I work closely with government bodies, offering insights and advice on various topics, helping shape policies and strategies for the public good.

Economic Development Advisor

Advising on strategies and initiatives that drive economic growth and development, helping regions and countries prosper.

Expert Group Member

I work with other experts on specialized topics, contributing my knowledge for informed policy decisions and economic strategies.

Policy & Regulation Advisory

In this capacity, I focus on advising on policy and regulatory matters, ensuring that they align with technological advancements and societal needs.

Committee Member

I bring my unique perspective and experience to various committees to tackle global challenges on a variety of topics.

Delegation Member

I represent organizations or governments in international forums or meetings, advocating for various causes or policies.

What I do in media

My Roles for Publications & Media

Interview Guest

I frequently give interviews and share my insights and experiences on various topics, sharing knowledge and ideas.

Podcast Guest

As a podcast guest, I discuss various topics, sharing my experiences and insights in a conversational format with a broader audience.

Expert for Media Inquiries

I serve as a go-to expert for media, providing informed perspectives and analyses on current issues and trends.

Guest Publications &  Columns

I contribute articles and columns to various publications, sharing my expertise and viewpoints on relevant issues and trends.

What I do in education

My Roles for Research & Education

Associate Professor

I engage in teaching and mentoring students, sharing my knowledge and practical experiences in my field of expertise.

Research Papers & Publications

I author and contribute to research papers and publications, adding to the body of knowledge in my areas of expertise.

Guest Lecturer

Visiting academic institutions to deliver talks or lectures, providing students with real-world insights and learning opportunities.

Educational Program Advisor

I advise educational institutions on curriculum development and program structure, ensuring relevance and practicality in future.

Knowledge and Insights

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What Others Say About Me

I have worked with many inspiring people, companies and institutions around the world and I am delighted to some some of their voices and see how they have experienced my influence as a keynote speaker, as a panelist, as an entrepreneur and also as a futurist.

Skander Haddar


I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Benjamin.”

Niki Skene


“Benjamin Talin like not a lot of people understood how exponential change will impact the political spiderwebs in our world. He is a dot-connector and fast thinker.”

Joël Charles Wuethrich


My Global Reputation and Recognition