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My Topics & Expertise


Championing the harnessing of technology to foster societal good and drive ethical innovation.

Digital Transformation

Pioneering digital transformation strategies that redefine business operations and customer engagement.

Change Management

Facilitating seamless organizational and societal change through modern strategies and future empowerment.

Complex Systems & Systems Change

Holistic change for complex systems (e.g. economy or society) to create sustainable, impact-driven future for organizations and humanity.

Innovation & Disruption

Triggerin innovation by combining creativity with technological progress and unconventional thinking with entrepreneurial spirit.

Futurism & Future Studies

Forecasting the trajectory of technological trends and their transformative impact on society, economy and governments to adopt businesses and policies.

Digital Business Models

Crafting scalable digital business models that leverage technology for competitive advantage and leveraging the disruptive potential.

Digital (Business) Ecosystems

Building robust and highly scalable (digital) ecosystems that integrate platforms, people, and processes and enable one of the most powerful business models.

Platforms & Platform Business Models

Developing worldwide leading disruptive and dynamic platform business models that drive value creation and network effects. Applying my extensive knowledge for new projects.

Technology & Engineering

Analyzing, translating and applying cutting-edge technology to solve complex challenges and unlock new opportunities on multiple levels.

Metaverse & Future Of Humanity

The metaverse, with its impact on the economy and society, is changing everything from business to social interaction to enable policies and strategies for the future.

Blockchain & DLT Technology

Offering a realistic perspective on blockchain, translating complex technologies into practical solutions for businesses and consumers.

Future of Internet -Web 3.0 vs. Web3

Deciphering the nuances between Web 3.0 and Web3 to navigate the future of the internet without the buzzwords and false promises.

Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms

Exploring the intersection of AI and industry, focusing on ethical implications and practical applications.

Digital Policy & Governance

Discussing the policies shaping the digital world and the governance models ensuring fair and responsible tech advancement.

EdTech & Digital Education

Offering a realistic perspective on blockchain, translating complex technologies into practical solutions for businesses and consumers.

Data, Analytics and Data-Driven 

Leveraging data and insights to drive decision-making and create data-driven strategies for businesses. Built a global initiative for data-driven decisions.

Green Economy and GreenTech

Researching green economic initiatives together with systems change to promote sustainable economic growth through the development and adoption of green technologies.

Innovation Clusters & Initiatives 

Working with governments on policies and investments to catalyze innovation ecosystems, support R&D, and foster a culture of technological advancement and entrepreneurship.

GovTech Innovations

Advising on Digital Government Technology Platforms (DGTPs) and how technology can transform public services for efficiency, transparency, and citizen engagement.

Global Tech Policy and Regulation

Providing insights into international technology policies and their impact on global relations, international dynamics, economy and trade.

Digital Sovereignty & Challenges

Working on the divergence between a borderless internet and nations struggling to maintain control over their digital infrastructure, data, taxes, regulations and more.

Fair Pricing in the Digital Economy

Researching and advocating for transparent and fair pricing models that protect consumers in the digital marketplace and enable global inclusion and fairness.

Digital Trade Agreements

Shaping the future of international trade with agreements that encompass digital goods and services and working with governments around the world in equitable solutions.

Global Tech Accountability

Developing economic policies that hold tech companies accountable for their social impact.

Global Digital Inclusion

Working on commissions and in workgroups on inclusive digital policies that spur economic development and reduce inequality.

Digital Economy and Job Creation

Advising on how the digital revolution fosters new job opportunities and economic growth in various sectors.

(Digital) Economic Development

Working on solutions to drive local and regional economic development through the controlled use of technology and innovation initiatives for governments, ministries and institutions.

See what others do not see

My job is to see the
BIG picture

My work often involves looking beyond the immediate, to understand trends and possibilities that aren’t always obvious at first glance.

It’s about being thoughtful and discerning, using principles of simplicity to unravel the complexities that the future holds.

This mindful approach is a daily discipline for me, as I strive to translate unseen potentials into practical steps for today.

In mapping out the big picture, I aim to find a harmony between what exists and what could be. It’s a delicate balance, informed by a practice of complex systems thinking, which helps in making sense of the intricate connections within the broader landscape.

Finally it is always about being both grounded and visionary, ensuring that the path forward is as actionable as it is aspirational.

Leading with knowledge

A reputation which speaks for itself

My work speaks for itself—hundreds of publications, keynotes, and lectures, along with universities worldwide teaching based on my works and frameworks, have established me as a globally recognized expert in my field.


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