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Board of Directors (BOD) Member.

Investor into innovation, keynote speaker, government advisor for innovation

What is a member of the Board of Directors (BOD)?

A member of the Board of Directors (BOD) plays a crucial role in the governance and strategic direction of a company. Board members are responsible for overseeing the activities of the organisation, ensuring its accountability, and guiding its long-term strategy and preparation for the future. Board members are charged with making key decisions that affect the future of the company, including financial management, policy development and overall corporate governance. They act in the best interests of shareholders and stakeholders, using their expertise, insight and judgement to steer the company towards sustainable growth and success.

What is is the impact of a board member?

The impact of a board member goes beyond mere industry expertise; it includes the ability to contribute to a diverse and forward-looking board. A well-selected board balances operational responsibilities with strategic foresight, ensuring that the organisation is prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Including entrepreneurial insights and different risk profiles among board members can significantly enhance the board’s ability to innovate and transform. This diversity helps prevent the board from becoming an operational “repeat of the same” body, and instead focuses on long-term strategy and vision for maximum impact. The presence of forward-thinking board members is critical to steering the company towards sustainable growth and ensuring its future viability.

What makes a good board member?

A good Board of Directors (BOD) member possesses a diverse set of qualities, tailored to the specific needs of the organisation, whether for-profit or not-for-profit. They are big-picture thinkers, not overly influenced by past experience, with a focus on long-term impact and success. For profit boards, members should be growth-oriented and willing to take calculated risks to ensure the organisation’s progress. In contrast, not-for-profit boards may prioritise stability and operational efficiency, focusing on social impact and resource management.

Effective board members are able to offer constructive criticism, be direct, and contribute their entrepreneurial and innovative expertise. They often come from successful industry backgrounds, bringing a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective. As the business landscape evolves, a futuristic mindset and systems thinking will become increasingly important, enabling board members to navigate complex dynamics and develop strategies that position the organisation for future viability and success.

“The best companies manage to bring together the best minds.

What makes me different as board member?

What sets me apart as a board member is my unconventional journey and diverse experiences. At the age of 13, I started my first business. Since then, I’ve been involved in numerous start-ups, developed theories on digital transformation and change management, and become a leading advisor to dozens of governments, ministries and institutions around the world with my unique approach to systems thinking. My passion for tackling complex problems and my fast, efficient style have become my trademarks.

I’m known for my directness and willingness to engage in challenging discussions. These qualities are particularly valuable in a Board role. My focus is always on the facts and achieving the best possible results, a dedication that has led me to build one of the world’s largest business platforms and become a respected figure in the technology industry. My ‘get shit done’ mentality means I favour action over deliberation in the boardroom. In addition, my extensive network is a significant asset, providing valuable connections and insights that benefit the organisations I serve.

My unique board member style

What sets my expertise apart from others

As a board member, my distinctive journey and achievements give me a unique position in any boardroom. My background in pioneering start-ups, advising governments and creating impactful digital transformation strategies sets me apart from the traditional board member profile.

I bring a blend of direct communication, a results-driven approach and a deep understanding of complex systems, ensuring that action is prioritised over mere discussion.

Green economy and green economic transition understanding from a futurist

Systems Thinker

My approach to complex problems through systems thinking offers strategic insights and solutions that are both innovative and effective.

Investor into innovation, keynote speaker, government advisor for innovation


With a “get things done” mentality, I advocate for execution and progress, pushing the board towards meaningful action. This is especially useful for companies who need transformation or a turn-around.

Ideas, Input, Innovation, Keynotes about Innovation

Visionary Mindset

With a visionary mindset, I continuously explore the boundaries of what’s possible, aiming to foresee and shape the future of technology and business.

New innoatvions, serial founder and keynote speaker

Innovative Strategist

Leveraging my background in digital transformation and innovation, I bring forward-thinking strategies that keep the organization ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape.

What are my topics as board member?

As a board member, my focus areas are deeply rooted in forward thinking and challenging the status quo to enable disruptive change and innovation that others may consider impossible. Known for my “no-nonsense” approach, I prioritise relevance and efficiency, always with an eye on high-impact results achieved through smart, cost-effective strategies – reflecting a start-up mentality that seeks maximum impact from minimum investment.

My expertise covers a wide range of issues critical to modern business success and competitive advantage. These include driving innovation, developing and implementing digital business models, and leveraging platforms and digital ecosystems. I also have in-depth knowledge of how to effectively use technologies such as AI and big data, not just as tools, but as an integral part of strategic development. Upskilling, industry disruption and the strategic use of complex systems to outperform competitors are also areas where I provide valuable insight and leadership.

My aim is to bring a blend of entrepreneurial energy and rigorous, evidence-based analysis to every discussion and decision, ensuring that the organisations I serve are not just prepared for the future, but actively shaping it. My contributions are designed to lead companies not just to growth, but to sustainable and innovative leadership in their respective fields.

More about my topics and expertise.

Innovation Leadership

I lead with a focus on innovation, constantly seeking new ways to disrupt industries and create groundbreaking solutions that redefine the business landscape.


Digital Business Models

My expertise lies in developing digital business models that leverage technology to create value, drive efficiency, and open new revenue streams.


Digital Ecosystems and Platforms

I specialize in building and scaling digital platforms and ecosystems, understanding their complexities and harnessing their potential for exponential growth.


Technology Utilization

I advocate for the strategic use of emerging technologies like AI and data analytics, ensuring they are integrated into core business strategies for enhanced decision-making and competitive advantage.


Industry Disruption and Innovation

My goal is to create industry disruption, challenging traditional business models and encouraging companies to embrace change for sustained success.


Complex Systems Mastery

I excel in harnessing the power of complex systems, using systems thinking to develop strategies that outperform the competition and drive long-term growth.

Startup Mentality & Mindset

Drawing from my experiences as one of the top entrepreneurs and CEOs, I share insights on leading ventures through uncertainty, fostering a culture of innovation, and driving sustained growth

No-Nonsense Approach

Known for my “no-nonsense” approach, I concentrate on relevant metrics and outcomes, cutting through the clutter to focus on what truly matters for the business.


Sharing Knowledge &  Insights

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FAQs about me as a board member

Frequently Asked

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about my roles as member of the Board of Directors (BOD), which will give you a clearer understanding of how I work and what you can expect when you invite me to work with you.

+ What unique perspective do you bring as a board member?

As a board member, I bring a unique perspective shaped by my experiences as a serial entrepreneur, futurist, and advisor, focusing on innovation, digital transformation, and strategic foresight to drive long-term success.

+ How do you contribute to strategic decision-making on the board?

I contribute to strategic decision-making by using my expertise in emerging technologies, digital business models and complex systems to identify opportunities for growth and competitive advantage. I am always the person who thrives on big goals, enabling solutions that can disrupt industries and transform entire organisations.

+ How do you ensure the board stays future-ready and adaptable?

I ensure that the Board remains future-ready by championing continuous learning, embracing innovation and fostering a culture that is open to change and proactive in addressing emerging trends and challenges. I usually spend a lot of time engaging with other Board members, sharing my unique insights and all the work I do as a futurist and researcher, so that the whole Board is upskilled and I also learn from the other Board members.

+ How do you view the role of digital transformation in board decision-making?

Typically, digital transformation is the initial discussion point when companies approach me. I see digital transformation as an integral part of board decision making, advocating for strategies that incorporate digital advances to improve operational efficiency, customer engagement and create new business opportunities. Digital transformation could be one of the most powerful shifts in mindset, culture, etc., and everything like AI, data, blockchain, or any other topic/hype will ultimately fall under the digital transformation part, and therefore you could say it is the holistic view of preparing the business for the future.

+ How can organizations engage you as a board member?

Organisations can engage me as a board member by contacting me through my website or professional network (LinkedIn is always good), where we can discuss how my expertise and experience align with their strategic goals and governance needs.

Please note: There is a list of companies currently asking me to join their board – please understand that my time is limited and please be specific in your approach. I currently only select companies committed to the future, innovation and transformation.


What Others Say About Me

I have worked with many inspiring people, companies and institutions around the world and I am delighted to some some of their voices and see how they have experienced my influence as a keynote speaker, as a panelist, as an entrepreneur and also as a futurist.

Skander Haddar


I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Benjamin.”

Niki Skene


“Benjamin Talin like not a lot of people understood how exponential change will impact the political spiderwebs in our world. He is a dot-connector and fast thinker.”

Joël Charles Wuethrich