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¬†“No Bullshit, No Marketing”. You get insights into future topics, I share thoughts and also unique models and more. And all for free.

Leveraging my knowledge and experience

Creating a lasting global impact on companies and governments

I’ve been fortunate enough to experience a lot and now get to use this by helping governments and businesses around the world. Most of my work is MoreThanDigital, but I also give keynotes, help companies as a board member, advise governments and international institutions, and work as a futurist to translate the future into actionable insights.

Entrepreneur and Innovator

Disruption is my Hobby – I love innovation and many of my projects challenge the status quo and drive change.

Keynote Speaker and Board Member

Sharing insights, ideas and knowledge in roles, such as keynote speaker and board member.

Government and Policy Advisor

Advising more than a dozen governments and government agencies on the future, technology and innovation.

Futurist and Future Researcher

Understanding technology and its impact on the economy, society and our future is one of my passionate topics.

My Global Reputation and Recognition