Benjamin Talin aka “Ben”

already early I startet questioning the status quo and combining this with my love for technology and computers. With 13 I started my first company by doing what I loved and helping lots of people with my passion. 15 years after my first start-up I can now say that I founded more than a dozend start-ups and venture. Honestly to say also three failed big but these taught me a lot about how companies can succeed and what crucial factors are. Now as an associate professor, as a consultant and serial founder I am still following my passion to disrupt industries, give my knowledge and help others with their change.

My Skills and Interests

Everybody is good at something. I guess for me this one thing is that I was constantly questioning the status quo. I always focused my efforts on changing this status quo and improving the way it was done.

In my early days I started with my first enterprise when I was 13 years old. After more than a dozend start-ups I can now look back at many successful and also some unseccessful start-ups. This rollarcoster like journey gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge exponentially and also helped me to become the person I am now.

Here you can read more about my history, my company group and why I created MoreThanDigital to change the way people see digital, digital transformation and innovation.