361 Group

Changing the way how consulting and innovation works

Consulting and Incubation for ideas that have an impact

After my entry into the marketing world with a digital agency I had the chance to buy an established swiss classical print agency. After merging and also separating the assets the final brand was then released. This was the base for the helm 361 GmbH which was founded a year later and was also the basis for the further operations under one common roof and to expand the agency into new fields.

During the years of helping companies in their marketing and branding I realized that this was an integral part of a companies’ success but only a puzzle piece to the whole. Most of the times we had to realize some projects which were not really focused or not even targeted to deliver and added value. So, this was the time for me to rethink consulting and to find a new way to support the companies around the world with a completely new approach in consulting. As a result, 361consult was founded with the unique “virtual employee” concept to bring more responsibility and accountability into the consulting business and to become a part of the company which we consulted.

Next to 361consult we were also able to transform Helm 361° into a fully digital agency and focus on our core strengths to leverage the companies USPs and build long term successful brands. This combination of consultancy and marketing agency was also a fertile soil for all the ideas and start-up companies which I had in mind. So, we launched 6 different start-ups within 2 years from which an overwhelming 4 are still operational or in the process of funding and/or currently patenting technologies.

We use our expertise to grow businesses and also ideas.
Graphic Design
We are focusing on creating value by connecting the best people for consulting, partnering and implementation.
Holistic Change
We are changing where possible, but always in a holistic approach.

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