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Ben is a top-notch speaker with great expertise in the field ofinnovation and digital tranformation . His keynote “What the f**k isA.I.” is highly recommendable. Thanks for having been part of thenew.New Festival 2018. Hopefully, we see each other next yearagain 😉

Timo Scheffler

I had the opportunity to take part in Ben’s Digital Transformation workshop at the Tunisia Digital Summit. Very insightful! He is on a mission to help all of us make it to the other side of the Wall of Knowledge. Through his engaging examples and truthful spirit, I now have a much clearer sense of the importance and practicalities of transformation. Highly recommend working with him!

Patrick McCullough

I worked with Ben for an executive learning program with the executive manufacturing committee of Cartier International. Rarely have I ever come across someone with such deep understanding and ability to express the change companies are experiencing and illustrate the complex topics and themes in digitalization that often remain undefined buzzwords for many. His work truly speaks for itself and Ben is a person that goes out of his way to help and is a perfect example of someone who walks the talk. I will definitely be working with him in the near future again, it was a true pleasure.

Killian C. Fjelbakk

I had an opportunity to attend Benjamin’s speech at Digital Summit 2018 . which was held in Tbilisi, Georgia . He talked about digital future and possibilities. Benjamin is a very good talking and clever man whose speech was very inspiring for me. Never miss the opportunity to listen him !

Irina Arghvliani

Benjamin spoke at a @regiosuisse event on digitalisation for the regional development in Bern in October 2017: Creative, innovative and out-of-the-box speech => very inspiring.

Benoît Charriére

Heard a great speech by Benjamin at new.New Festival. Interestinginsights and facts about AI. Benjamin explained how different AImethods work and took a lot of time to answer questions. Thankyou very much Benjamin!

Tobias Müller

I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Benjamin. I had the pleasure of working with Benjamin for the 3rd edition of Tunisia Digital Summit. He was one of the speakers at the Innovation management panel and also the speaker of the lab “Digital Transformation as a company” . During the panel ,Benjamin’s ability to spend his passion about the subject was intense across the conference stage and the interaction with his co-speakers was really motivational . During the lab “Digital Transformation as a company”, Benjamin was an amazing professional, who brought all the skills and expertise in Digital Transformation, Marketing & strategy for SMUs, and Innovative technology development and business models. He had the authority on the subject in a way that inspired and motivated the audience. His ability to relay the message in an interesting, attention-getting way was phenomenal. No matter how tense the interaction with the audience were, Benjamin made sure that everyone left with a smile and a whole new bunch of information. He expertly filled his role for the event and stood up for the level of my expectations. I won’t hesitate once to contact him again and again to be part of my upcoming events. As an expert or a speaker, Benjamin earns my recommendation

Skander Haddar

Ben did a great job at digital excellence conference in Franfkurt infront of about 100 people. During the breakout session aboutbrand loyality in a digital work he combined interactive elementswith interviews and speach. A very refreshing and inspiringworkshop!

Johanna Flohr

I attended Benjamin’s workshop on digital transformation as a company at the Tunisia Digital Summit. I really enjoyed it and found it extremey interesting. I thought it was the highlight of the summit. I was especially interested in the concept that the digital transformation team must not obey to classical KPIs and basically have free pass to fail. Benjamin’s presentations skills and real life examples made these concepts very easy to understand and grasp.

Mahmoud Hachicha

Ben truly is an expert in his field, a great speaker and passionate teacher of digital change! I worked with him in context of some client workshop, where I invited him to share his knowledge and expertise on the floor via a key not and discussion with clients who were seeking their grip on digital transformation. Not only was I impressed with his notes, but also with his overall very professional, flexible to needs and sharp deduction skills while discussing with the client. Our clients loved him, and he had a truly positive impact on their view of the world and next steps. Can highly recommend working with Ben and can’t wait for the next time I get the pleasure of doing so!

Nadja von Rhein

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