Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation can be easy – when you start

Since my first company I was always in the process of looking for the best solution to do things. As I was constantly curious about new technologies it was easy for me to find the connections between technology and the use for a business. During the years of experimenting and helping several companies this “digital transformation” was more of a business transformation because of new digital possibilities.

Later on, when the digital transformation buzzword was all over, I also realized that I was doing the same since years but finally I got a word to use for this process.

Unfortunately I was always confronted with a wrong perception of technology. People were looking at Technology, Digital, Digital Transformation etc. as a “one-size-fits-all-solution”. My approach which was then also adapted into publications, was built around technology as an enabler, as a tool and also as a trigger for digital transformation in a company, but never as a solution.

During the years I was also able to see many companies failing in their digital transformation efforts. Mostly these bad results came from the wrong approach, a misleading structure and also serious management decisions which I wanted to change. After some talk with world leading digital experts, I developed together with Roland Sullivan a solution for a whole system transformation in a digital world. This principle is now discussed by Organization Development (OD) experts around the world and is being adapted into several publications and literature to change the existing way of Organization Development to adapt for the Digital Transformation process.

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