Bring ideas to life and grow them

Growing ideas into businesses

Entrepreneurship was sometimes the only option for me to bring my ideas to life. People always described me as a never-resting person with 1 mio ideas in my mind. This might sound a little confused but in the end I see business ideas in each and every part of my life.

As Entrepreneurship and Start-ups are an important part of my life, I am constantly encouraging other people to follow their dream and also do a little different and hopefully a little more to change the world at least in a small part. This led to many engagements, keynote speeches, mentorships and also supporting start-ups on a pro-bono basis to help them develop their ideas.

As a keynote speaker I am giving motivational keynotes on different topics from change to digital transformation and also on start-up motivation to help people internationally with their business and to be better entrepreneurs.

The work with such inspiring entrepreneurs is also a very important part of my personal development. These interesting people are the basis of our economy and it is sometimes staggering to see how a small group of people can be so powerful to fulfill the needs of millions and to rethink businesses, disrupt business models and create entirely new innovations. This is also why I put a lot of effort to help these people change the world and bring especially my skills for digital business models, digital transformation and business innovation to the company.

My Start-Up Experience

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Steve Jobs

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