Ideas and Innovations that create an impact

Innovation as key to the future

Without innovation we would be still living in caves and hunting with our own hands. Innovating and experimenting is in our human nature and also a very important part of my life. Since I was a small kid, I was always dreaming about becoming the crazy innovator and create each and every day new things.

In a way I am fulfilling my dream I had as a 5-year-old and I am now developing my own ideas, launching new products and services but also helping others in their innovation. Especially when I am working with companies, this is a very important part of my work to help the people think about new innovative ideas.

After founding several start-ups in my life and also bringing most of them successfully to market, I am happy to say that there is much more to come. Currently my work mostly consists of creating new ideas and innovations. I am happy that I can live my dream and also help others with my ideas, especially also because I have a great foundation where I can help the smallest companies up to governments and international corporations with my expertise and work.

When I am traveling around the world, I am also focusing on delivering keynote speeches and also workshops which help people find their own start-up magic and deliver outstanding innovations.

You want to get to know more about innovation and how to use it?