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What is a futurist keynote?

A futurist keynote is a special presentation that looks at future trends, emerging technologies and potential societal changes and provides a forward-looking perspective on how these elements could change our world. It’s not just about predicting the future, but rather providing a strategic vision that helps the audience understand and prepare for the changes ahead. A futurist keynote speaker uses futurology tools/methods such as data, trend analysis, scenario thinking and lots of expert knowledge to paint a picture of possible futures and explore how current innovations and developments might evolve and impact different aspects of business, technology and society. This type of keynote is ideal for providing food for thought, encouraging innovation and supporting strategic planning in an ever-changing landscape. Futurist keynotes are also often used ad board meetings, in yearly stategy sessions and as part of strategic foresight workshops.

What is the impact of a futurist keynote?

The impact of a futuristic keynote is often underestimated because of the misconception that it borders on science fiction or is just for entertainment. In reality, the true value of a futuristic keynote lies in its ability to combine practical foresight with strategic thinking. These presentations not only predict the future, but open minds to new possibilities by providing food for thought and encouraging the audience to envision a desired future state. Using futurology techniques, they then guide a strategic “future-back” approach that maps a path from this future vision to the present.

This approach is important not only for broad societal insights relevant to governments, but also for the strategic level of companies. By focusing on timeframes that extend 10 to 50 years into the future, companies can prepare for long-term scenarios and thus promote innovation and strategic planning. Futurist keynotes are not purely speculative lectures, but offer a mix of inspiration and practical strategies to drive change and help audiences adapt to a changing global landscape.

Why do I give keynotes as a futurist?

My passion for giving keynotes as a futurist stems from a deep fascination with exploring the implications and possibilities of future trends. I spend several hours each day researching, learning and connecting the dots between various emerging topics and future technologies. This commitment is not only professional, but also personal; my life and work revolve around understanding current dynamics and envisioning future scenarios.

I am known for my ability to anticipate innovation and its impact and translate complex system dynamics into actionable steps. This expertise is something I’m eager to share. My goal is not only to research and understand these developments, but also to disseminate this knowledge widely so everyone has access to the future. I enjoy sharing my findings with companies, advise governments, ministries and the public. This quest for education and information is the reason why I publish and speak a lot. Every talk is an opportunity to share my knowledge and help others navigate a complex, ever-changing world and prepare them for the future.

“Digital Transformation is just a buzzword – Think what technology could do and just do it.”

What makes me different as a futurist keynote speaker?

What sets me apart as a futurist keynote speaker is a rare combination of skills and experience that I bring to the stage. My unique ability to understand and articulate complex systems stems from my diverse background as an entrepreneur and innovative thinker. This perspective allows me to think outside the box. Together with my neutrality and “Anti-Bullshit” mentality and understand the intricate web of cause and effect that drives future trends.

My involvement in numerous commissions and governmental and non-governmental bodies enriches my insights and provides me with a broad and multi-layered understanding of different sectors. These roles provide me with a platform to interact with a wide range of experts on a daily basis, keeping me at the cutting edge of various disciplines. This continuous learning and interaction allows me to quickly absorb and interpret new information, which I then translate into compelling, insightful keynotes.

In addition, my experience in building and growing businesses, advising governments and developing management models adds a practical, real-world dimension to my futuristic keynotes. I don’t just theorize about the future, but draw on personal experience of implementing innovative concepts and strategies. This mix of theoretical knowledge, practical experience and continuous learning makes my keynotes not only informative but also very effective.

My futurist keynote style

What sets my futurist keynotes apart from others

As a futurist keynote speaker, my unique insights, extensive experience and ability to decipher complex scenarios set me apart.

My talks are more than future predictions; they are a synthesis of deep understanding of technology and practical wisdom, offering actionable insights to the audience that is completely unique.

With my background in entrepreneurship and my role on various commissions, I translate complex future trends into clear, impactful strategies.

Unique Insights

Looking to the future, I bring unique insights and offer a fresh perspective on new trends and their potential impact. You will get insights also from various leading minds and commissions I am participating in.

Extensive Experience

My extensive experience in various industries, different subject areas and functions enriches my keynotes and offers a comprehensive, well-founded view of the future.

Translating Complexity

I specialize in simplifying complex concepts and making futuristic ideas accessible and understandable for all target groups.

Actionable Knowledge

My keynotes go beyond theoretical predictions and provide the audience with practical, actionable knowledge to prepare for and shape their future. Let’s shape the future with ideas with an impact.

Sharing Knowledge &  Insights

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FAQ about Futuristic Keynotes

Frequently Asked

FAQ section for my futuristic keynotes. Here, you’ll find answers to common questions about my approach, topics, and the unique value I bring to these forward-looking presentations. Whether you’re considering booking a keynote or simply curious about the nature of futuristic speaking, these FAQs will provide clarity and insight.


+ What topics do you cover in your futuristic keynotes?

I explore a range of topics such as new technologies, future economic trends, societal changes and innovative business models to provide a comprehensive view of the future. I work in different directions and am happy to discuss other angles you might want to shed light on.

+ Do you conduct workshops in addition to futuristic keynotes?

Futuristic keynotes are a great start for transformation – BUT I always encourage organizers to go beyond and offer not just futuristic perspectives but also already work on strategies and implications. In addition to keynotes, I run workshops, in-depth Q&A sessions, fireside chats and other formats that allow for a more interactive and in-depth exploration of the topics covered and are tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

+ Can we discuss the keynote topic beforehand?

Certainly, I welcome pre-event discussions to better understand your audience and tailor my keynote to align perfectly with your event’s objectives. I couldn’t even do my keynote without such a talk because I don’t have “standard keynotes” or “rehersed keynotes” and I only do custom keynotes on futurism.

+ Can you provide additional learning materials or resources after your keynote?

I’m happy to provide supplementary materials, articles, contributions or resources after my keynote to help embed the learning and inspire continued personal development. Let’s discuss together what your goal is and I can also give more insights on how to increase the impact of the futuristic keynote.

+ Do you offer virtual futuristic keynotes?

Yes, I offer virtual keynotes, ensuring they are as engaging and impactful as my in-person presentations. But honestly if possible I would encourage every conference or business meeting to have inspiring futuristic keynotes in person. This just transfers more energy and I have seen a bigger impact afterwards.


What Others Say About Me

I have worked with many inspiring people, companies and institutions around the world and I am delighted to some some of their voices and see how they have experienced my influence as a keynote speaker, as a panelist, as an entrepreneur and also as a futurist.

Skander Haddar


I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Benjamin.”

Niki Skene


“Benjamin Talin like not a lot of people understood how exponential change will impact the political spiderwebs in our world. He is a dot-connector and fast thinker.”

Joël Charles Wuethrich