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What is a motivational keynote?

A motivational keynote is a powerful speech that aims to inspire and excite the audience to do more and go beyond their limits and beliefs. It should ignite a spark of enthusiasm, ambition and positivity in the audience. Conferences, corporate events or workshops usually focus on topics such as overcoming challenges, managing change and unlocking potential. The aim is to motivate the audience to take action, pursue their goals and see challenges as opportunities. These keynotes often combine personal anecdotes, success stories and practical advice into a compelling narrative that deeply touches the audience and drives them to personal or professional growth.

What is the impact of a motivational keynote?

The impact of a motivational keynote goes far beyond the duration of the speech itself. It has the power to change mindsets, spark new ideas and ignite a new sense of purpose and determination in the audience. A well-delivered motivational speech can significantly improve morale and team cohesion and increase motivation for change to overcome challenges and pursue goals. It can lead to tangible changes in personal and professional lives and inspire listeners to break new ground, strive for excellence and remain resilient in the face of adversity. Ultimately, the impact of a motivational keynote lies in its ability to turn inspiration into action and effect positive change in both individuals and organizations.

Why do I give motivational keynotes?

I deliver motivational keynotes because I am passionate about sharing the lessons I have learned from my own experiences, whether they are triumphs or setbacks. My goal is to empower others by showing them the potential in the willingness to change, innovate and persevere. Through my keynotes, I aim to instill hope and resilience, encouraging individuals and teams to overcome their limitations and realize their full potential. Life is about trial and error, and sometimes you have to fail terribly to achieve great success.

My motivation comes from witnessing how a good speech can change people’s lives. I do that personally, but also on stage – I motivate people to go further than anyone thinks is possible. It’s about making a difference, inspiring others to achieve their goals and making a positive contribution to their personal and professional development.

“Digital Transformation is just a buzzword – Think what technology could do and just do it.”

What makes me different as a motivational keynote speaker?

What sets me apart as a motivational speaker is my authentic blend of real-world experience, entrepreneurial spirit and a deep understanding of technology and innovation. Unlike traditional motivational speakers, my keynotes are grounded in the tangible realities of building and growing businesses, overcoming complex challenges and turning ideas into reality. This practical perspective, combined with my journey of experiencing both monumental successes and sobering failures, provides a rich, relatable background that resonates with a variety of audiences.

My ability to connect emerging technology trends with personal and professional growth provides a unique and forward-thinking perspective on motivation. I not only inspire, but also provide actionable insights that not only motivate audiences, but also equip them with the tools and perspectives they need to navigate an ever-changing world. My approach goes beyond mere encouragement; I am about creating lasting change.

My motivational keynote style

What sets my motivational keynotes apart from others

As a motivational speaker, I distinguish myself by combining unique and very personal experiences with actionable knowledge.

I am known for my ability to inspire my audience. I go beyond the usual motivational rhetoric and offer insights based on real-life successes and challenges.

My keynotes are an invigorating blend of inspiration and practical wisdom aimed at not only motivating the audience, but also empowering them to turn inspiration into action especially in topics of entreprneurship, innovation, personal successes and change.

Unique Experience

I can look back on a multitude of successes and setbacks in the field and offer a unique perspective that makes every keynote a meaningful journey of discovery.

Sharing Personal Insights

My keynotes are enriched with personal insights and offer relatable, heartfelt stories that are engaging and inspiring.

Energizing the Audience

I have a knack for captivating and engaging my audience, leaving them with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm.

Actionable Knowledge

Beyond motivation, my keynotes impart actionable knowledge and provide the audience with practical tools and strategies for success.

Sharing Knowledge &  Insights

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FAQ about Keynotes

Frequently Asked

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about my motivational keynote speaking engagements, which will give you a clearer understanding of how I work and what you can expect when you invite me to speak at your event.


+ What topics do you cover in your motivational keynotes?

I cover a wide range of topics including embracing change, the power of innovation, overcoming challenges and personal growth. Each keynote is uniquely crafted to appeal to the audience, and when you see my experience, you can imagine how many motivating and inspiring stories I can tell.

+ Do you conduct workshops in addition to keynotes?

Motivational keynotes are a great catalyst for change – BUT I always encourage organizers to go beyond and offer not just motivation but also the right tools and insights. In addition to keynotes, I run workshops, in-depth Q&A sessions, fireside chats and other formats that allow for a more interactive and in-depth exploration of the topics covered and are tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

+ Can we discuss the keynote topic beforehand?

Certainly, I welcome pre-event discussions to better understand your audience and tailor my keynote to align perfectly with your event’s objectives. I couldn’t even do my keynote without such a talk because I don’t have “standard keynotes” or “rehersed keynotes” and I only do custom motivational speaking.

+ Can you provide additional learning materials or resources after your keynote?

I’m happy to provide supplementary materials, articles, contributions or resources after my keynote to help embed the learning and inspire continued personal development. Let’s discuss together what your goal is and I can also give more insights on how to increase the impact of the motivational keynote.

+ Do you offer virtual motivational keynotes?

Yes, I offer virtual keynotes, ensuring they are as engaging and impactful as my in-person presentations. But honestly if possible I would encourage every conference or business meeting to have motivational keynotes in person. This just transfers more energy and I have seen a bigger impact afterwards.


What Others Say About Me

I have worked with many inspiring people, companies and institutions around the world and I am delighted to some some of their voices and see how they have experienced my influence as a keynote speaker, as a panelist, as an entrepreneur and also as a futurist.

Skander Haddar


I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Benjamin.”

Niki Skene


“Benjamin Talin like not a lot of people understood how exponential change will impact the political spiderwebs in our world. He is a dot-connector and fast thinker.”

Joël Charles Wuethrich