Board Member

Bringing change and transformation to your board

Creating impact for corporates

Since many years I have been supporting businesses in their digital transformation efforts. Due to my extensive knowledge and experience I also had the pleasure to be asked by many well-known brands and companies if I want to join their Board and support them on a global level.

As a Board Member I am always happy to support the companies’ vision and mission but I understand my main task in challenging and especially changing. My strengths are in supporting the management and also in challenging the status quo. This is also where my knowledge on digital transformation, change management and also my start-up experiences come in handy because I can bring in first-hand industry knowledge and years of consulting knowledge at the same time without being stuck in one industry or one position.

This openminded and free thinking allows me in most board position to bring in a totally new set of skills and also to add the focus on technology, digitization, digital transformation and innovation to the board agenda. Besides the strategic overlook my focus as a entrepreneur from the first hour, was always to instantly deliver a value adding contribution and my “get-things-going”-attitude comes in handy, when talking about REAL CHANGE.

Due to my recent limited resources and my strong commitment when taking board positions, I am limiting the active board memberships. If you feel like I am the right fit, then lets have a talk and align our expectations and needs to see what is possible.

Motivation & Impact
Board member have an important task in shaping the company. They need to have an impact on the strategy but also motivate for the change.
Digital Transformation
One of the most important topics of the new digital world is the adaption to new strategies, digital business models. These digital transformation capabilities needs to be implemented in the managment and board.
For a long term success, companies need to successfully manage their transformation and change. This change managment skill is crucial for board members.

You need a board member for digital transformation and change?