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Giving a keynote to interested people is one of the best ways to spread knowledge and help them with their challenges. This impact is so important for me that I usually adapt each and every keynote topic to the audience and where I can deliver the most impact.

My keynotes usually involve a lot of practical knowledge, are based on scientific research and also deliver the latest state-of-the-art inputs from experts around the world. Due to my own research and publications I am also always happy to publish these results and also share the publications for the audience so there is even more added-value to the audience.

Lots of topics are usually built around the topics of the future (Buzzword Futurism) but also about current challenges the companies are having and how to tackle them. Motivational Keynotes and Inspirational Keynotes are a specialty of mine as I put all my heart into these topics. But I also love to give more than just inspiration and motivation. So formats like open discussions, panels, workshops or interaction based keynotes are always a good way to give added value to the audience.

If you want to know more about how I can help your event, workshop or company meeting with inspiration, motivation, input or knowledge on topics of digital transformation, innovation, new technologies and how to do real change, then just drop me a line.

Ben is a top-notch speaker with great expertise in the field ofinnovation and digital tranformation . His keynote “What the f**k isA.I.” is highly recommendable. Thanks for having been part of thenew.New Festival 2018. Hopefully, we see each other next yearagain ?

Timo Scheffler
Digital Transformation
How to tacke one of the biggest topics for companies? I give you insights on how to succeed with digital transformation in every industry and in every change.
You want to hear about how to use digitization and how to successfully digitize? My keynotes help in understanding all aspects of digitization. From basics to implementation.
Change Management - Digital Change
How to lead successful change? I give you insights on digital transformation, change managment and also successful digital change projects.
New Business Strategies
How to identify new business strategies. My keynotes help in understanding new business models, new digital strategies and how to successfully turn the own strategy into digital strategies.
Digital Marketing
New customer needs, new technologies and new communciation channels. In my keynotes I am giving insights on trends, tools and better practices of the new digital marketing world.
Growth Hacking
How to use growth hacking to get more customers? In my keynotes I explain how to turn your digital marketing into a sales machine.
Exponential Growth - Exponential Change
Technology is almost doubling every year in speed and capabilities. This exponential change is also impacting businesses and my keynotes showcase what this means.
Corporate Culture Transformation
New technologies, changing customers and exponetial change lead to a new form of companies and they need a culture to fit that change.
Personal Development – Me 2.0
How do we have to evolve to stay successful in our carreer? My keynotes give insights into the personal development trends and how to stay relevant in future.
Trends and Futurism
What is happening in future? What are trends to follow? As a futurist I am giving you first hand insights into the future of business, technology and society.
Motivation to be entrepreneur – Inspiration about beeing an entrepreneur and questions of how to be an entrepreneur in future. My keynotes give you first hand experiences from a serial entrepreneur and motivation to start.
Start-Up and Start-Up Motivation
Start-Up life can be fun, bit it is hard work and needs a lot of commitment. I give insights, share my experience and also motivate start-ups to get on their way and change the world.
Motivation to change
Change management and the motivation to change. Both crucial parts in successful transformation. I inspire and motivate people in my keynote to start their own change and be part of the change.
Changing customers & Customer Behaviour
The customers are changing fast. I show in my keynotes how this will impact busineses, change service needs and also has an impact on whole industries.
I usually always align my keynote to the needs of the event, workshop, company etc.

Please speak with me about your needs and how I can help you.

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