Panels & Discussios

Creating discussions that engage with the audience

Lets speak about what matters

Not just always the same … that is a difficult task when you are thinking about having panels. It is very important to have a living discussion and also people with a critical thinking. As a panel guest I am always trying to see both sides, bring in personal expertise but also reflect on current trends and theories. This usually leads very fast for an interesting talk where many people are engaged and which also encourages the audience to participate in the discussions.

My key topics for panels are:

  • New Technologies (Blockchain, AI, IoT, 5G etc.)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digitization
  • Digital Transformation
  • Change Management
  • New Business Models & Strategies
  • Culture
  • Innovation
  • Exponential Growth & Exponential Change
  • Digital Marketing
  • Changing Customers
  • etc.

I can also help you in setting up a mix of panelist and also give input based on my experiences where people would love to hear more about or which persons to invite.

With my broad background and experience, I give every panel and discussion a personal and professional touch. I am happy to answer all questions and the personal twist engages the audience.
With my passion and energy I am engaging a lot with the topic and also give deep insights in topics. This usually helps to make panels and discussions more vivid and interesting.
My background and also profession is a good combiation for panels. As a young serial entrepreneur with various fields of expertise, I am happy to support your panel with a different viewpoint.

You need a panel member for your next event?