Get to know more about my history and my story

My history and my story – Early Life

My entrepreneurial journey started way before I even graduated from school. Already with 6 years old I started producing handcrafted goods I was selling on garage sales. But my real first business was founded when I was 13 years old and using my computer and marketing skills to help hotels, businesses and also private persons with their “digital” needs, helped them with their computer problems, created marketing materials and also built computers, servers, networks and way more.

The passion for technology and “digitization” (even not called like this back then) kept me going and I just loved to explore new ways of optimizing things. This constant challenging of the status quo was loved by my customers back then but also allowed me to develop my skills faster as I was constantly challenged with new possibilities and tasks.

After graduating from the Handelsakademie in Kitzbühel, Matura in Austria, I sold my customer base and was enjoying a sabbatical year where I was looking for the next personal challenge. This led to my studies at the University of Zürich in Switzerland. Next to many internships in various field, jobs in different Industries and also Interims Management positions I always followed my dreams and my start-up ideas.

During my years of study, I was focusing on two start-up projects which unfortunately failed due to a lack of ressources and also a limited network in Switzerland. After this I decided to found a digital marketing agency, Xtreme Web Services, which I then used also as a basis for my start-ups. With this agency I bought a classical marketing agency, Helm AG, which was then merged with Xtreme Web Services to create the Helm 361° Brand under which we then worked. After restructuring and a new positioning the helm 361 GmbH was created as a legal roof for all my ventures and also the foundation for all my new ventures.

The story goes on  – From Ideas to Creation

With the foundation of the helm 361 Group I was able to raise several Start-Ups and focus on the things where I am good at: Disrupting

Due to the fact that the agency business was always faced with wrong business decisions, I decided to launch a completely new business model for constulting. My many years of helping corporations and businesses in their digital transformation as well as my start-up mentality lead to the creation of 361consult as a holistic and completely new consultancy on digital transformation. Innovations like DigitalPOS, Blog2App, LoveFreeGifts, iPadWall and many more were developed with my great teams to rethink the status quo.

But also, in this time, as a consultant for businesses, as advisor for governments but also as entrepreneur I found out that there is a huge knowledge gap between the digital literate and the rest of the business world.

Most of the questions I needed to answer each and every day were very basic questions to even understand the implications. I started by sharing my experiences and expertise by giving keynotes, guest lectures at the universities and schools and later as associate professor.

But still there was the problem that there was no real source for neutral, business relevant and also free information on the topics of digitization, digitalization, innovation, new business world and much more, I started to create my own knowledge base with MoreThanDigital. Soon the platform called morethandigital.info was growing to the biggest initiative for digitization and I was able to share more and more information, knowledge by gathering the elite of digital and digital transformation. Together we managed to share hundreds of relevant articles, supported dozens of events but also helped hundreds of thousands of people in their journey towards using the new technologies.

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