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Transform your company for the new (digital) world

Transformation in a digital world with new (digital) strategies

Together with my great team from I provide my experience and my knowledge to companies in need for a sustainable and long term oriented whole system transformation. Usually my task is starting when things get bad and when companies are losing track of their own business. This is also why I created the “virtual employee” where the best experts work together in a holistic approach to support the company transformation. The most important aspect is a sustainable transformation and also a fast move from “Old” to “New”.

When speaking about digital transformation, we usually see technology (the “Digital”) only as 5% of the total work. Technology is an enabler but also a tool but never a real solution. Real digital transformation consists of many different aspects and as an experienced digital transformation expert, start-up enthusiast and interims manager I help the management in aligning their company to survive in the future digital world. This practical change knowledge is also then used to sustain a transformation and help companies focus on value-adding tasks instead of “show off projects”.

One task, which is for me very important to mention, is the focus on cultural change and a holistic business transformation. Only by transforming the whole company and also adapting the business for a new world, a successful digital transformation is possible. That also means to break with old structures and old “we have always done it like this”-habits.

Currently due to personal time limitations and the high demand, I currently only support personally one more company directly in their digital transformation. And this help will be focused on companies who show a strong will to transform and also commit to a change.

Developed for success
We developed the Whole System Digital Transformation approach together with leading experts to tackle the challanges of companies of any size and any industry.
Holistic Approach
We are looking at the company as a whole. Each and every piece to the puzzle is important to make digital transformation work in each and every transformation. This is why we are working on a global level and act on a local.
Content Writing
We only work with the best experts. Due to our unique “Virtual Employee” method, we are able to combine the power of a diversified team with the input of the best experts on the market.

Digital Transformation is a holistic approach. We worked on the own model how Digital Transformation can be achieved for any company of any size in any industry.

The Whole System Digital Transformation approach is developed in cooperation with Roland Sullivan on the basis of successful Change Managment, Leadership training and also a holistic transformation effort.

This is important as real Digital Transformation is 95% changing the company, culture and people and only 5% in “Digital”.


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